If you want to change the content someone sees when he/she accesses a certain page of your web site, you can check the User Agent of the browser of that user and enable accordingly re-directs.

A well and frequently actualized list of User Agents can be found in https://developers.whatismybrowser.com You’ll find there user agents for macOS as well as such for iOS devices.

So you could do something like following… to re-direct from an iPad to non-iPad version of a specific page:

Ever since iPadOS version 13.x however and by the default Safari > Request Desktop Website settings, the agent replies now as…

Should you disable the Request Desktop Website setting, you’ll get …

That means you cannot be certain to detect an iPad by the string ‘iPad’ anymore.

My workaround?

I check now for both and use an || (or) logical operator.

PS. Dear Apple, please, pretty please… define a consistent way for us to detect an iPad with or without an enabled Safari > Request Desktop Website setting.