Have you also tried to connect an honor mobile phone (Android version 6.0 – EMUI version 4.1) to your mac (running macOS Sierra) and couldn’t get the ‘Android File Transfer’ app to connect to it?
Ok, this is how I finally got it to work:

  1. You install the ‘Android File Transfer’ app, as downloaded from here.
    Yes I know , the app is rather old (ver 1.0 – creation date of Oct 15th, 2012) but it works, if you know how.
  2. Connect the honor by USB cable to my mac
  3. Go to its notifications
  4. In the ‘USB connected’ notification area, you tap on ‘Files’
  5. Now start the ‘Android File Transfer’ app on your mac

=> See it listing all files and folders of the mobile phone.

NOTE: To save you some time – and because I was rather frustrated while searching and not finding what I was looking for – the photos from the Camera are saved under following path: DCIM > Camera


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