Or… how I came to love a feature shortly before it was replaced by a new one and destroyed in next software update.

WordPress had even before version 4.1 a feature called ‘Distraction free writing mode’.

If one was composing a post one could click a ‘full screen’ button and WordPress would then remove all other parts of the page and leave only the main text and title field visible. In case the ‘full screen’ mode was also enabled for the browser window, WordPress would then offer a blank browser page with only those two areas for the writer to concentrate on. When one is focusing on text, adding media or formatting words and paragraphs isn’t important. You simply write and write and maybe enter a return to form paragraphs. This was a simplified view for a ‘writer’ and a valued view for me while on I was on exact this ‘writer’ mode. Sadly I cannot insert a screenshot of my own to that state, as this is not anymore possible ever since I’ve updated to WordPress 4.1. So just check this post here, showing how it looked like.
As soon as I found out the existence of this ‘feature’ I came to love it and to use it greatly.

However there seems to have been other opinions to it and WordPress changed the way it works in the current 4.1 update. The new Distraction Free Mode seems to be polarizing users ever since. WordPress went away from removing all formatting or editor options, it now simply removes left and right areas of the view and leaves you with much too many (according to me) tools in the middle of your view.

This editing mode is now focusing to bloggers and became less valuable for writers. Ok I admit, WordPress is a blogger software. It is not an authoring app. I can cry the injustice of loosing a loving feature, or accept that I was trying to use something in one specific way suiting me, but not the main amount of the other users. That’s fine. I’ll accept it. I’ll miss it, but I will live with it or find a way to modify the editor’s stylesheet.

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