Today I’ve received a Philips Fidelio DS8800w and spend hours in trying to setup the airplay option. The problem I had was, that as my Airport Express has no WPS button, I had to connect to the Philips_Fidelio’s Airplay network and select over a web browser the name of my network to enter the network password. So I did, as I was been instructed in the setup guide, the device however would not enable airplay on my router. At first I thought I mistyped the password. So I repeated this procedure several times without success. I have also tried the second setup option as instructed in the setup guide and tried to let the device connect to the router over wps. As my Airport Express router has no wps button, I tried by  ‘adding a wps printer’, but this   wouldn’t do the job either.  No surprise actually, the ‘add wps printer’ option registers a device for AirPrint not a new AirPlay speaker. Anyhow… it never hurts to try, does it? No, but it would not work either. So I’ve searched the internet, tried to update the firmware (no success btw; upon updating the power LED turns red but never completes and won’t stop blinking) and as I was really frustrated and almost ready to pack everything together and return the device back to the seller, I checked one last time the trouble shooting area of the documentation delivered with the package to finally find a hint to my ‘problem’, or to be frank, the problem of the software on the device. My Wifi network name contained a space and the software on this device seems to have an issue with such network names. Now that I have removed the space in my Wifi name, Philips Fidelio DS8800w connects to it, beeped as described in the documentation upon first connection try, and will now be offered for Airplay. This note is for all you having similar issues  and cannot connect your Philips Fidelio with your WLAN router (AirPort Express, or not) because your WLAN name maybe contains a space in it. Try removing the space or special characters and re-connect. It might work better afterwards.


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