Airport Express is an elegant Wi-Fi router from Apple. It supports 802.11n, you can create guest networks for wireless clients connecting to the internet without accessing your private network and also – the most important feature according to me – dual  802.11n on 2.4 GHz and 5GHz, which makes this Wi-Fi really great and super quick.

Now my devices can fully use the internet speed provided by my ISP, even if connected to a WiFi.

There is an issue however in the Airport Utility according to which, Airport Express won’t get a dynamic IP by DHCP or won’t renew its DHCP lease when connected to a cable modem.

The solution was found here

  1. Set the Air­port Express to be “using DHCP“
  2. Turn off the Cable Router for more than a minute — so it releases it’s DHCP leases
  3. Turn the Router back on
  4. Air­port Express will now have an IP assigned to it and will be online

Good luck

PS. If someone finds a way for me to let my (over USB connected) Canon MP540 to appear in the Airport Utilities so I can share it as network printer, please leave a comment here and a how-to. Thanks ;)

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