Ferret out ψάχνω και ανακαλύπτω μετά από συστηματική έρευνα

Την έμαθα στα σχόλια αυτού του άρθρου που διάβαζα και όπου ξεχωρίζω το επόμενο

For instance, if you ask Sara “what do you think of Project Manager Bob?” and she says “Oooh, he’s great (while rolling her eyes)”.

One may assume that Sara is being dishonest but instead of using our logic to explain her facial expression, we are taught to ask, “Why is Sara rolling her eyes?”

So a follow-up question could be as simple as,


(Sara) “Absolutely, when you asked me about Bob, I just remembered that I owed him something that’s overdue.”

So her facial expression had nothing to do with her opinion on Bob but instead it had to do with forgetting to do something for him.

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