Mail shows phantom unread emails

From time to time I get my (the standard mail client on macOS) showing me a number of phantom unread emails. When I try to find them, by checking the list or using smart mailboxes, no unread emails are there to spot.
I tried by selecting the mailbox and performing a secondary click to select ‘Mark All Messages as Read’. This sometimes helped, sometimes it didn’t.
So I’ve googled a bit, and found  another possible solution. It helped me, so if you also experience a similar issue it could also be of help for you.
Be my guest:

From mail, click on the mail account that has the phantom unread e-mails. Go to the mailbox tab across the top menu, then select rebuild.  This rebuilds the mailbox from your IMAP account and has fixed the problem for me everytime.


Hello World!

-Hello! It has been a while, I know. Sorry but…
-Hey stop.

-Stop. Just stop!

-What? Why?
-That! Because.

-Sorry I don’t understand.
-Yes you do! You know exactly what I mean. Stop. Simply stop! Will you?

-Ok, now you are being reasonable, finally.

-Good, cool and hey… don’t even think on starting later all over again.

PS. Can you tell that I am a fan of Mr.Robot ?

How to transfer imported audiobooks to your iPhone or iPad

This is a small script – mainly for me – because I keep on forgetting how to transfer imported audiobooks to my iPhone or iPad. I try to sync into the ‘Music‘ iOS app or even create playlists (to make sure the chapters come in the right order) and get frustrated as this is not working.

Some basics first:

  • when you have audiobooks on CD and import them into iTunes, they all get imported having ‘music‘ as media kind.
  • Audiobooks show up on your iPhone in the ‘iBooks‘ app (and not in the ‘Music’ app)

Transferring workflow for imported audiobooks: (more…)