Free ICS to CSV Converter

Calendar applications allow you to create events, schedule them and enter relevant information such as title, start and end dates, summary, location, participants, description, URL, etc.

You normally don’t get to see the actual calendar file while working with your favorite calendar application (Google Calendar, Apple, and Microsoft Outlook. ), but when you need to export the data in order to share calendar information with your friends or colleagues, you export then in a .ICS-file.

An ICS-file is in plain text and can be opened or imported into any given calendar application supporting .ICS-files, or a text editor.

Should you however need the calendar information in a tabular form, for example when wanting this in EXCEL, you’ll find yourself of need of an converter, converting your .ICS-file into a file format EXCEL can import. EXCEL imports many file formats. Sadly ICS is not one of them.

Should you do a Google search, you’ll find some ICS  converters. Some do convert from ICS to CSV (a supported format by EXCEL). Some are free. For some you need to pay a fee.

As I needed such a converter for some works of my own, I found out it is more fun writing one from scratch. Like this I can control the delimiter, select maybe from case to case another date format (UK, US or European) and even choose to split dates from times to make EXCEL more happy when it imports a time point with date.

You’ll find my free ICS to CSV converter service here.

Feel free to test and give me your feedback as you find appropriate.

Live long and prosper!




Finding out the database size in phpMyAdmin

Because I don’t like searching for the same information twice, this is a short memo on how to find out the size of any given database in phpMyAdmin.
Just call following in the SQL query

SELECT table_schema "Data Base Name",
sum( data_length + index_length ) / 1024 / 1024 "Data Base Size in MB"
FROM information_schema.TABLES GROUP BY table_schema ;



Wenn die Glücksmomente im Leben
verglichen zu aller Anderen
so entsetzlich wenig sind,

und das andauernde Glück praktisch unmöglich ist,
was für eine unglaubliche Verschwendung
von Zeit und Nerven ist es,
auf das Unwahrscheinlichste zu hoffen?


Αν η ευτυχία
ούτε στην αγάπη
δεν βρίσκεται,

ποια η πιθανότητα
να την βρεις;

Αξίζει να ελπίζεις
το πρακτικά αδύνατο;