How to permanently delete old profile photos from Google+

This is a note for me and all of you having more than one profile photos and missed the option to delete them.

  1. You sign into
  2. then click on your ‘Profile’ (in the sidebar)
  3. Click your profile photo, it opens it in preview mode.
  4. Use the right arrow to see older profile photos.
  5. Click the ‘three vertical bots’ button
  6.  and select ‘Delete’
  7. Repeat step 4 to 6 for older photos.

Source: Google Productforums

PS: Should you want to disable the profile photo altogether, this is also possible. Just proceed as explained here.


Like a child
that burns to try,
like a parent
who needs to rest,
like a granny
which likes to meet.
Like all people
looking for peace.

A playground in north Düsseldorf.


Something new
something old
something blue
something bold

All those four
and much much more,
that’s me
worthy to be.